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Administration¶ The administration documentation addresses the ongoing operation and maintenance of MongoDB instances and deployments. This documentation includes both high level overviews of these concerns as well as tutorials that cover specific procedures and processes for operating MongoDB. adminMongo - An open source admin user interface for MongoDB built with Node.js and Express.js.

A directory of GUIs, admin interfaces, and other tools for getting the most out of MongoDB, a popular open source document-oriented database. NoSQLBooster for MongoDB formerly MongoBooster is a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB v2.6-4.2, which provides fluent query builder, SQL query, update-in-place, ES2017 syntax support, and true intellisense experience.

Cloud: MongoDB Cloud. We need to create an admin user in the admin database with userAdminAnyDatabase privilege. To do this we’ll first use the admin database. Use the following code in the mongo shell to use the admin database, if the database doesn’t exist, MongoDB will create the particular database and use it. use admin. MongoDB on AWS, Azure, or Google. It's this easy. Create a database. Use the cloud datacenter of your choice. Paste your connection URI. Once your database is ready, just plug a code into your app. Build the future. Customize your install to your business needs. We've been with mLab since the very beginning and haven't looked back. 16/03/2011 · Mongo Web Admin is a web-based administrative tool for MongoDB. The first phase of Mongo Web Admin is to provide a shell-like interface via the browser. This first phase is partially completed. User's familiar with the MongoDB shell will hopefully find the Web Admin familiar.

MongoDB triggers, change streams,. You can open a change stream cursor for a single collection except system collections, or any collections in the admin, local, and config databases. The examples on this page use the MongoDB drivers to open and work with a. How to secure MongoDB with username and password. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 8 months ago. Active today. Viewed 382k times 351. 157. I want to set up user name & password authentication for my MongoDB instance, so that any remote access will ask for the user name & password. I tried the.

Admin UIs¶ MongoDB does not include a GUI-style administrative interface. Instead most administration is done from command line tools such as the mongo shell. However some UI’s are available as separate community projects and are listed below. Some are focused on.

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